Just got back from a conference in Morehead City NC and thought I’d throw up a few pictures I grabbed in cities along the way back. I only had my phone camera with me, so the quality is somewhat lacking. Above is a beautiful former Colonial store at 1201 Broad Street in New Bern. It was closed so I was unable to determine if there were any interesting interior remnants.


This former A&P is at 919 Broad Street, also in New Bern.


Another former A&P in New Bern, 200 block of East Front Street.


Former A&P, 701 North McLewean Street, Kinston.


Probable former Big Star or Kmart Foods (or both) adjacent to a former Kmart on US 70 in Havelock.


One Response to “Along Highway 70”
  1. Chuck Taylor says:

    great fun looking at your site! i was looking around for retro photos of the winn-dixie i used to go to with my mom in the 1970s in lynchburg, va. had a good time looking at all the fun vintage pics.

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