New pages for Indianapolis and Burlington NC with location spreadsheets and photos. Pittsburgh and Columbia SC still to come, as promised earlier.


2 Responses to “More new stuff”
  1. Doris Taylor says:

    I’m basing my school Research paper on A&P Stores
    Can you provide me other websites for research and additional sources? Your help will be greatly appreciated, as I was very impressed with this posting may I copy and repost this image within my paper?

  2. Tim Babcock says:

    On website, they have a digital copy from April 8, 1962 which was the large insert from the opening of The Seattle Worlds Fair. There are two grocery stores that are advertised in the supplement. One is for Market Basket (the California based grocery chain). The located shown in the picture is a store that still stands in the Renton Highlands but has been extensively remodeled. This location became a Mayfair after Market Basket left the Seattle market.

    The other advertisement talks about a Speede-Mart. I don’t know much about this chain, but I checked the addresses through Google Earth. This appears to be that maybe this might have been a Seven-Eleven type of a store since the 1st Ave location is consistent with a store that was located in Normandy Park as well as the 6th Ave location in Tacoma. It’s funny that the ad makes it appear that it is something greater than a convenience store. This chain may have been acquired by Seven-Eleven during the 1960s.

    Most of The Seattle Times archives are now digitally reproduced and contain all adds as well. There are stories I have found about White-Font, Valu-Mart, and others.

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