Leesburg, VA Safeway with circle S signs

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Leesburg, VA Safeway with circle S signs

Postby justin karimzad » 02 Dec 2008 22:37

'Thought it was interesting that there is a 1970's (?) Safeway at 437 S. King st. with all of the original exterior signage; circle S signs on each side, the widely-spaced "S A F E W A Y" letters on the front, and the tuning-fork street sign also topped with a circle S sign. Sorry I don't have a photo, but I saw it through a bird's eye view at maps.live.com
By the way, as I was going through Safeway News, I noticed that there was also a Safeway somewhere in Leesburg that opened in the late 1950s and won an award for its colonial architecture. I have no idea where it was though. Since this is the only Safeway in Leesburg, I wonder if this was a replacement for that store.

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Re: Leesburg, VA Safeway with circle S signs

Postby Ephrata1966 » 12 Nov 2011 16:15

Did Safeway used to have more stores in rural Virginia that are now long gone? Could this one be an "orphan" or something? I would guess it was a circa 1965 store, considering the rare trapezoidal Pizza Hut sign frame (with current logo) down the road.

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Re: Leesburg, VA Safeway with circle S signs

Postby mjhale » 27 Nov 2011 21:30

For what its worth the Leesburg, VA Safeway has been renovated with the current lifestyle format. The signage outside was replaced with the renovation. I believe the original street sign standard is in use with a new modern sign. I found it interesting that Safeway didn't replace some of the refrigerated units in the renovation. They look to be 20+ years old.

Back to your question, Safeway has a store in Middleburg and had a store in Purcellville. There may have been more small stores in the "country" towns west of DC but east of I-81.

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