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Re: W T Grant

Postby Swifty » 15 Mar 2012 23:20

Growing up in Columbus, GA, the main anchor in Cross Country Plaza was Service Merchandise. But it oddly only ever took up part of the large building it was in. It sat around collecting dust until Steve and Barry's moved in. And then right back out a few months later when they went under. Nextdoor in the same building, CVS had a store. But they moved out into the parking lot.Despite all of this, it was Apparently a WT Grant in a previous life. And it presumably never became a kmart.

Over the past 6 months, they tore it down to build a new prototype Publix which was relocating from a few doors down. [

Coincidentally, They tore down the old A&P for their original Publix store in 1997.

This shopping center can never quite die.

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Re: W T Grant

Postby wnetmacman » 09 Nov 2017 23:16

I know this is an older thread, but here's the Shreveport store I mentioned waaaaaaay back on this one:.

This store opened on April 13, 1972. It was eventually renamed Grant City, and the center also featured Eckerd Drugs (which stayed the longest) and one of Shreveport's first Safeway stores.

This store was what piqued my interest in other chains occupying stores they didn't build. I learned with this store (as I only visited it as Kmart) that a Grants store had green floors, dual 4' drop ceiling light fixtures and an oddly situated Auto Center. I also found out that the center was leased out to another company by the time Kmart came into the picture.

A similar store was opened a few months later across the Red River in Bossier.

Of course we know that both stores closed in 1976. The Shreveport store became Kmart, which closed in 2003. Stage, Fred's and a few other stores occupy this once great store now.

(Dollar Tree was the Safeway; other than the sign it's largely as it appeared in 1976. Everything from Stage to the right was Grant's/Kmart)

Kmart was already operating across the street in Bossier City, so the Bossier store became a TG&Y Family Center, which closed in the mid 80's. The store would later become Louisiana's first Books-A-Million.
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Re: W T Grant

Postby Ephrata1966 » 13 Nov 2017 04:37

There was a "mini-mall" (which has long since been de-malled) in Northwest Houston called North Oaks Mall that opened in 1971 anchored by both Grant City and a TG&Y Family Center. The former Grants became a Target in 1976. Sometime after Target relocated (in 2002) the space was split into Hobby Lobby and Staples. The former TG&Y became a MacFrugal's in the early 90's, which along with the rest of the MacFrugal's/Pic N Save and Odd Lots stores was rebranded as Big Lots in 2002.

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