The A&P Comes to Greensboro

Part 2: 1928-1935

901 West Gate City Boulevard

This modern store at what was then 901 West Lee Street definitely stands the test of time and has a remarkably intact exterior. Open just before 1930, and replacing a smaller store two blocks east, it would serve its community for nearly twenty-five years before being replaced by a new store just a few doors west in 1954. It’s been occupied ever since, currently housing a motorcycle shop. City records show the current building as dating from 1948; I don’t buy it.

220 West Market Street

While A&P was entering suburban residential districts, there was still a significant presence downtown as well. This store at 220 West Market replaced a store one block east in the late 1920s but would close in the late 1930s with the arrival of A&P’s first supermarket location in Greensboro just a block north. The building dates to 1925 and is now occupied by offices and condos.

This location pictured below, at 416 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. (Asheboro Street at the time), opened between 1928 and 1930, and closed by 1950. It is no longer standing, though the adjacent fire station has been restored.

Other stores that opened between 1928 and 1930 included:

401 State Street

This corner unit in the State Street shopping area opened in 1931 and closed between 1947 and 1950. It seems to have been vacant as of early 2018.

405 Tate Street

This store on the Tate Street “strip” adjoining UNCG opened in January 1935 and had closed by 1939 despite expanding into the adjacent Ivory Store location. Nevertheless, it has been continuously occupied by a grocer ever since, housing a Bi-Rite store for decades and currently home to a convenience store. While the row of shops received an unfortunate exterior remodel around 1970 the store’s interior remained relatively intact until about 1990.

2117-2119 Walker Avenue

Another corner location in suburban Lindley Park opened in 1930 and remained in this space until moving a few doors east in 1947. The store occupied at least two of three bays in the building. Its former space is currently occupied by Fisbones Restaurant (2119, right) and the vacant former site of the Blind Tiger nightclub (2117, left).

Also open between 1930 and 1935 was 212 North Elm Street, the final downtown storefront location, which closed in the late 1930s and is no longer standing.

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