Safeway, Abilene TX, 1960


Yes, I know it’s been a year. And yes, I know that I haven’t been answering email and that there have been problems with the Message Board. I have had personal issues and other things that have kept me extremely busy and I apologize.

But here are lots of new updates:

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  1. Super S

    April 12, 2014 at 10:50pm

    In this photo, I see a reflection of what appears to be the grid from a suspended ceiling, something that I have never seen in a Marina Safeway. Every one that I have been to has had 12″ by 12″ tiles that are glued on to the ceiling. It doesn’t appear that this style of building could easily accommodate a suspended ceiling as they usually are used for flat surfaces and it’s very rare to see a suspended ceiling that follows the curve of a rounded roof. Knowing that suspended ceilings were a relatively new thing in 1960, it makes me wonder if this was a store where they tested this type of ceiling, possibly a one-off, and later went back to the tiles until the Marina design was abandoned. Great photo.

  2. Explorersea

    June 12, 2014 at 6:08pm

    this picture brings back a flood of memories, the first Safeway I worked at was exactly laid out like this, a mirror image, #439 Port Angeles Washington, to note in the 1970’s all Snack Bars were removed, the store I worked at received a Wine Cellar instead. There is another picture of this Abilene Safeway store on the Texas History web site,,,enjoy


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