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by mobycat
17 Sep 2009 15:52
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Grocers in "real" malls - not strip malls
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Re: Grocers in "real" malls - not strip malls

Not sure if it was mentioned previously in the thread...

Richmond, Indiana. Richmond Square Mall had a Kroger on one end. It's main entrance was outside, but they had a small hallway (basically, enough for a cart) to the mall interior.
by mobycat
16 Sep 2009 20:16
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: Mr. Wiggs (Ohio)
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Re: Mr. Wiggs (Ohio)

Sorry to join the conversation so late...

There was a Mr. Wigg's in the city I grew up in, Richmond, Indiana as well.