Red Foods/Kroger buildings

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Red Foods/Kroger buildings

Post by Ulver » 06 Aug 2008 21:28

IIRC, there was a Red Foods, with the colonial exterior at the base of Lookout Mountain. It was in a small strip mall, and was small, and a tad on the dumpy side. So, I assume this was a Bi-Lo grocery store previously?

It was near the old, red-brick Double Cola plant, where I used to buy their drinks in glass bottles, by the wooden case, This was early to middle 90's.

I recall another on the other side of Chattanooga, that was definately in an old 70's Kroger. I worked for them for 22 years, many in that style building. I want to say it was near the King's Lodge/Pancake Man, or at least that part of town.

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Re: Red Foods/Kroger buildings

Post by krogerclerk » 26 Dec 2009 23:26

This is the former Kroger nearest Kings Lodge, a greenhouse that was built in 1982 but didn't open until 1983 due to a strike. I did well enough to force Red Food to close its old store nearby, but when Kroger sold its 7 Chattanooga area stores to Red Food in 1989, it became a Red Food until Ahold merged Red Food into BiLo in 1995. ... 878&o=&a=0

Continuing out I-24 east towards I-75, there was another greenhouse stores adjacent to the Kmart/Sears Essentials(closed) that was leveled for the Rave stadium seating cinema. This locations opening also was delayed until 1983. It became Red Food but closed when Ahold acquried Red Food in 1994.

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