Pinpointing logo changes

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Pinpointing logo changes

Post by Andrew T. » 25 Dec 2009 23:59

I've been looking through a lot of local newspaper microfilms in my free time lately. Just for fun, I tried pinpointing when a few retailers' identities changed; at least in print:

Last appearance of the old Kmart logo, December 16, 1990.
First appearance of the new Kmart logo, December 30, 1990.

Last appearance of the old A&P logo, February 4, 1976.
First appearance of the new A&P logo, February 11, 1976.

First appearance of the '60s Penneys logo, November 21, 1963.
First appearance of the modern JCPenney logo, August 2, 1971.
First appearance of the boxed Montgomery Ward logo, May 10, 1968.
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Re: Pinpointing logo changes

Post by MikeRa » 29 Jul 2010 20:51

A&P was already using the new logo in New York and New Jersey as early as 1975

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