Jewel, Libertyville IL, 1955


Given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want to shop in this 1955 (pardon the expression) jewel of a store from Libertyville, Illinois. For the explorers among you, it was apparently located at 130 East Cook Street.

One thought on “Jewel, Libertyville IL, 1955

  1. Sarah R.

    January 19, 2021 at 7:06pm

    I grew up in Libertyville and remember this store well, as my mom was a true-blue Jewel loyalist. The manager’s name was Mike, and he was super nice and helpful. If my mom wanted something they didn’t stock, he’d special order it for her. The grocery carts had numbers affixed to the front. When you checked out, they gave you a ticket with your cart number on it. You pulled up to the pick-up door on the side and Jewel staff would load the groceries into your car. Eventually the store became too small and outdated; Jewel built a much larger store at the south end of town, which is still operating. The old building downtown was razed, and a seniors apartment building stands in its place.

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