Terms of Service

Groceteria.net is my own work, but I make it available through a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. You may reuse my work, subject to the following conditions:

  • You MUST cite me as the creator of the original work.
  • You MAY NOT use my work for any commercial purpose without my written permission.

The historical and vintage photos are either assumed to be in the public domain or available under fair use. I DO NOT hold copyright on these photos and cannot grant nor deny you permission to use them. If you see a photo to which you hold copyright and wish for me to stop using it on the site (or want to me to include attribution), please let me know and I will do so.


No personally identifiable information is collected on this site unless you choose to give it in the form of an email address. IP addresses of users are logged to prevent misuse of my server facilities.

Email Policy:

Email sent to me through this site (or to the Groceteria.net or Groceteria.com domain) becomes my personal property and will be used at my own discretion.

Threats sent through these pages or this domain will result in legal action and reports to the offender’s ISP. In addition, advertisements, press releases, form letters, solicitations, or other unsolicited commercial email will be subject to a proofreading and handling fee of $500 US per message, due and payable immediately, and subject to collection or other legal actions if not paid promptly. Your use of any email address or form on these pages or of this domain name in any email message constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

In addition, threats or abusive email may result in the publication on this site of any personally identifiable information I can find out about you, including your name and home or business address and phone number. Again, Your use of any email address or form on these pages constitutes your acceptance of these terms. Do NOT send me spam, press releases, form letters, nor ads (no matter what the subject). You will come to regret it. Have I made that clear?

Spiders, Site-suckers, etc.:

Unauthorized use of spiders and the like may result in your IP address (or IP block) being denied further access to the site. These instances may also be reported to your ISP.

Linking Policy:

Direct links to any graphic or media files on this site are prohibited and will be disabled due to bandwidth constraints. This includes inline links from web pages, photos linked from message boards, etc.

You may, of course, link directly to any HTML file on the site, but not to any graphic or media file. You may NOT, under any circumstances, enclose this site in your own frames.

As a courtesy, I would request that high traffic sites notify me before linking.

Updated on 26 November 2022