Greater Toronto Area

Canada’s largest city has been served by most major Canadian chains over the years, including Loblaw’s, Steinberg’s/Miracle Mart, Dominion, A&P, Safeway, IGA, and others. This section is a work in progress.

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A Brief Timeline (in progress as of 2020):

  • 1919: Robert Jackson and William J. Pentland open the first Dominion store at 174 Wallace Avenue in Toronto; 61 more stores open in the first year.
  • 1927: A&P Canada opens its first stores.
  • 1933: The first Power store opens at 2055 Danforth (at Coxwell). The chain is purchased by Loblaws that same year but retains its separate identity until the 1970s.
  • 1953: Grand Union purchases Carroll’s, a chain based in Hamilton, and enters the Southern Ontario market.
  • 1959: Grand Union sells its thirty-eight Canadian stores to Steinberg’s.
  • 1964: Oshawa Group purchases Bassin’s.
  • 1969: All Steinberg’s Toronto locations now operate under the Miracle Food Mart name.
  • 1970s: Safeway enters the Southern Ontario market.
  • 1980s: Sobeys enters the Southern Ontario market.
  • 1985: A&P Canada purchases Dominion Stores.
  • 1985: Oshawa Group purchases Safeway’s Southern Ontario locations, rebranding most as IGA.
  • 1989: A&P Canada buts Steinberg’s Miracle Food Mart and Ultra stores.
  • 1998: Sobeys purchases the Oshawa Group and its IGA franchises which ultimately become Sobeys, Price Chopper, and later FreshCo stores.
  • 2005: Metro purchases A&P Canada and rebrands all A&P and Dominion stores starting in 2008.

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