Kitchener/Waterloo Chain Grocery/Supermarket Locations, 1924-1995

This is a list of all chain grocery locations my research has uncovered in Kitchener/Waterloo from 1924-1995, compiled from city directories, telephone books, and other sources. There may be some omissions due to incomplete or missing data, etc. and I welcome suggestions and corrections. Please read about my methodology for more information about what I do and do not include.

Access and download the location spreadsheet via Google Sheets.


  • Loblaws seems to have purchased Zehrs at some point in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I’ll narrow this down as soon as I can.
  • The entries from 1970 on may miss some chains due to the organization of the Vernon city directories from that point on. I have made the listings as complete as I can.

Store tags:

  • A&P/Super Fresh/Food Basics
  • Dominion/Mr Grocer
  • Dutch Boy/Dutch Girl
  • IGA
  • Loblaws/Valumart/Your Independent
  • Price Chopper/FreshCo
  • Red & White
  • Sobeys
  • Zehrs
Updated on 5 April 2023

One thought on “Kitchener/Waterloo Chain Grocery/Supermarket Locations, 1924-1995

  1. Kevin Richard Plautz

    February 17, 2022 at 3:47am

    The Zehrs on Krug and Ottawa Street north and Courtlans East became Knechtels for 5 to 10 years. The A&P at 2230 King Street E became Dutch Boy right away . The Loblaw’s on Fredereick became Zhers only by 1975. Dutch Boy on Westmount East was a Mircale Mart for 10 years earlier. The Zehrs at 1375 Weber East replaced a huge grocery plus clothing and hardware store called Highway Market which operated from 1950 to 1983. 2396 King East and 111 Weber E are the same store – is inbetween the two streets.. It went from A&P to Dutch Boy; was never Zehrs. Food Basics had 2 locations in Kit by 1992 – Highland and Ottawa 2000 N. 50 Westmount became a Mr. Grocery in 1980s and early 1990s. Kmart had a food store on Highway 8 to Cambridge.

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  2. Kevin Richard Plautz

    February 17, 2022 at 6:12pm

    49 Erb W in Waterloo (a Zehrs) is the same address as 75 King Street South (Waterloo Square).

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  3. Kevin Richard Plautz

    February 17, 2022 at 6:39pm

    I made a mistake, it is 2396 King Street East and 1375 Weber East that are the same address. That was the address of the mega-supermarket/department store called Highway Market. A&P’s corporate owner owned it from perhaps 1965 on but it was never bannered as an A&P or as a Dutch Boy. 1111 Weber Street East was never a Zehrs. It was AP and then by 1975 became a Dutch Boy.

    204 Lawrence is same address as 274 Highland Road West in Kitchener. 401 and 417 King Street W are the same address.

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  4. T. Echlin

    April 8, 2022 at 7:25pm

    Was there a 2 story Dutch Girl in K.W. in the 1980’s? I remember walking beside a grocery cart going down a ramp.

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