Wilkes-Barre Chain Grocery/Supermarket Locations, 1925-2020

This is a list of all chain grocery locations my research has uncovered in Greater Wilkes-Barre between 1925 and 2020, compiled from city directories, telephone books, and other sources. There may be some omissions due to incomplete or missing data, etc. and I welcome suggestions and corrections. Please read about my methodology for more information about what I do and do not include.

View and download a copy of this location spreadsheet via Google Sheets.


  • Several suburbs further from the core are not included (Pittston, Mountain Top, etc.) because they are not consistently represented in my data sources over the period.
  • There may be issues with some of the data after 1995 or so. I have tried to augment the gaps with newspapers and other sources, but may not have uncovered everything.
  • More notes to be added later.

Store tags:

  • A&P
  • American Stores/Acme
  • Food Fair
  • Gerrity’s
  • Giant Markets
  • Grand Union
  • Insalaco’s
  • Mullison’s Economy Stores
  • Price Chopper
  • Sunshine/Bargains Galore
  • Wegmans
  • Weis/Scot’s LoCost/Mr Z’s/The Store
Updated on 21 January 2023