Parkersburg Chain Grocery/Supermarket Locations, 1926-2001

This is a list of all chain grocery locations my research has uncovered in the Pompano Beach area between #### and ####, compiled from city directories, telephone books, and other sources. There may be some omissions due to incomplete or missing data, etc. and I welcome suggestions and corrections. Please read about my methodology for more information about what I do and do not include.

View and download a copy of this location spreadsheet via Google Sheets.


  • South Side addresses in the 1920s-1930s did not include numbers, and the primary business district south of the East Street bridge has largely disappeared, so addresses are approximate.
  • I hope to add post-2001 locations soon.

Store tags:

  • A&P
  • Big Bear
  • IGA
  • Foodland
  • Kroger
  • Thorne Super Markets
Updated on 5 June 2024