The Triad is now two thirds complete; High Point is now online. Look for Winston-Salem in a few weeks.


One Response to “High Point History”
  1. Mark Branson says:

    First, I am pleased to see these vintage pics of Colonial and Big Bear and A&P stores. . .growing up in the Triad these images resonate so much with me. . . but I have another interest too that is growing from genealogical work I am doing: I have learned that my great grandfather ran a market on East Washington Street in High Point, NC until mid-summer 1920, when he was murdered walking from his market to his home, which was a few blocks away.

    Any idea of how I might find information about his market (I know from newspaper reports of his killing that the market was in the 600 block of Washington St. in High Point). . . .Great work and continued good luck!!