I’ve been quietly working on new content as I’ve had time the past few months (which regrettably has not been often) so I guess I should mention some of it here:

New location lists:

Also, I’m almost done with the 1950s section of the revised Safeway history section. And coming soon will be a new LA photo gallery which will include lots of stuff from my recent trip to SoCal.



2 Responses to “New content”
  1. piggybanksfly says:

    Really, really glad to see the new Pittsburgh section.

    So much supermarket history there.

    And your grocerteria “factory” is really a great place to hang. Very inviting.

  2. Mitchell Brooks says:

    I’ve enjoyed wasting time on your website. It was time well wasted. I live in Sacramento and over the years I’ve wandered far and wide around here and for some reason I really enjoy knowing the history of all the grocery stores. I had no idea about the Tognotti’s Auto World building. I used to live near the Tallac Village Shopping Center and I used to wonder if the horrific grocery store there had ever been a nice chain store. The Little Lucky’s on J Street was always a big, big favorite. It’s now a chain drug store now. I work in midtown near one of the very first supermarkets at P and 21st streets. It’s still at least partly a grocery store, but it’s a really bad one. Not hopeless, but definitely a little shabby. Good for cigarettes and bottled lemonade.

    Thanks for sharing what your headquarters looks like. I have a great interest in how people organize their workspace and spend a good bit of time optimizing mine both at home and work. Office furniture is important and so is its placement. I particularly like that you combine office and living. Good deal.