Halifax and Dartmouth Chain Grocery/Supermarket Locations, 1925-2000

This is a list of all known chain grocery addresses in Halifax and Dartmouth between 1925 and 2000, complied from city directories, telephone books, and other sources. It is generated through a live Google Spreadsheet so it reflects the latest information I have.

Access and download the location spreadsheet via Google Sheets.


  • Where to begin? Basically every address in Halifax was renumbered between 1960 and 1965. The “new” system is one of the oddest I’ve ever seen anywhere, but fortunately there is documentation that allowed me either to match addresses directly or to offer a reasonable approximation. The approximations are italicized.
  • Acadia Stores were associated with the Hopgood family for most (if not all) of their existence. There were stores operated under the Hopgood name as well.
  • The Teasdale Stores in Dartmouth were apparently affiliated with the larger Superior Chain Stores in 1935 as they were listed under both names. Superior did not appear in the 1930 or 1945 directories.
  • Through my own carelessness, I am missing data for 1940. I hope to rectify this while in Toronto this fall.
  • Yes, Sobeys apparently did operate two stores across from each other on Mumford Road for a number of years. One was connected to a mall while the other was part of a separate centre across the street. The same arrangement currently exists in Dieppe NB, though one of those stores was originally a Dominion.

Store tags:

  • Acadia Stores/Hopgood’s
  • Atlantic Superstore/Save-Easy
  • Capitol Stores
  • Community Stores
  • Dominion
  • IGA
  • International Provision Co.
  • Sobeys/LoFood