…a/k/a “Wow…that took a really long time…”

As of this afternoon, all the location spreadsheets have been converted to the new format. which means:

  • The are in Google Sheets, so it will be updated in real time on the site anytime I make updates, corrections, and additions.
  • You can download them as spreadsheets or add them to your Google Drive account and play with them at your leisure.
  • They have Google Maps links to direct you right to the store location so you can see a contemporary view (usually) via Google Street View.
  • They have a nicer display…or at least I like it better. Try one!

A couple of other things:

  • My apologies that a few comments took forever to be approved. Apparently there was some communication snafu between the WordPress iPad app and the site.
  • I will probably do a message board upgrade and start accepting new users again soon.
  • Lots of new pictures coming over the summer!

The photo above is yer humble host at the grand opening of the new Publix store in Winston-Salem last week.

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