Update (30 October 2018): This was delayed. I may work on it this weekend.

Just a quick alert that I will be upgrading the site and message board to SSL this weekend. In a perfect world, the only difference users will see is that addresses will now start with “https” rather than “http” and that you will no longer see the “not secure” warning that some browsers how display. Security is not really an issue here anyway, because users do not submit any sensitive information to the site, but this is something of a new web standard, so I will be implementing it on all my sites anyway.

There is always the chance that there may be glitches somewhere along the way, particularly if you access the site via “” or “groceteria,ca” rather that “” Let me know if you run into any problems.

One thought on “HTTPS

  1. Andrew T.

    November 3, 2018 at 12:23pm

    To be honest, I hope you reconsider this. HTTPS websites have considerable compatibility issues with older systems, and I resent how the push towards overusing the protocol comes chiefly from corporations like Google that have a vested interest in centralizing control of the web.

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    • Author


      November 3, 2018 at 6:16pm

      I agree that SSL is overkill for most sites (mine included) but I also think it’s a battle that’s already been lost. I’m guessing that a year or two down the road, non-SSL sites will be very few and far between and that most hosting companies may not even offer the option. Even mow, most hosts have an option for free certificates. Campus IT at the university where I work has already implemented mandatory SSL, which is about to cause me major grief because I’m in mid-migration on a content management system and the old one may now be broken before I can finish the migration.

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