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Richmond/Petersburg has been a major outpost for A&P, Colonial Stores, and Safeway over the years, with a few Food Fairs thrown in for good measure and a major local chain called Ukrops. I will be adding Richmond soon; I have a data set from a no-longer-extant site and I am trying to get permission to use it here. Otherwise I’ll do my own.

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One thought on “Richmond Area

  1. Joe

    April 23, 2020 at 1:37pm

    I found your site because I do a weekly post about etymology for my university. This week was “grocer.” I love grocery stores and linked back to your site. I worked at Food Fair / Pantry Pride in the late 70s / Early 80s. My dad was a produce wholesaler to many stores in Tidewater and, when he delivered produce in a truck, Richmond. If you need information on the Food Fairs in Richmond, let me know. I know the locations and fate of three of them.

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