Purity Stores (California)

Established in the San Francisco area in 1929, this chain operated at least as far south as Fresno and as far north as Fort Bragg, although most of its stores were along the coast, many of them in small towns. The owners, the Niven family, liquidated the chain in 1972 and now operate a Nothern California winery. The Fort Bragg location was still operating as the last remaining Purity store, with original signage in place, as late as 2003.

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One thought on “Purity Stores (California)

  1. Chris

    May 7, 2019 at 7:35pm

    Purity also had stores in Fortuna and Eureka, so Eureka was the most northern store. The Purity in Fortuna is what is now Rays Food Place. Prior to being Rays it was Food Mart, but it was built as Purity. Eureka had two stores , one in Henderson center, that building which had a major remodel , is now Joanne’s Fabric. The store in downtown Eureka is currently Picky Picky Surplus on the corner of 6th and E street. It was built as a Purity, then became many other things afterward including Bonanza 88, Yellow Front and Factory To U. Seems like it was other things too, but it was built as Purity.

  2. Greg Brown

    September 2, 2019 at 11:21pm

    Did Purity sponsor some kind of televised home participation game show? I seem to remember something like that in the late 60s.

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