One thought on “Purity Stores Photo Gallery

  1. Patsy Hudsoeth

    October 7, 2022 at 1:00pm

    I remember the big bosses as I fondly called them telling my dad and mom ‘You let that baby have whatever she wants’ (I thought this included all grocery stores) I still have the charm bracelet daddy gave me as a gift though tarnished and a bit rusty that bracelet hangs in a special place, when I look at it makes me happy and sad. I own a piece of history from Purity Grocer, but better yet I am ever so grateful for this history that my dad worked long days always cheerful and courteous. He knew the grocery business 9 ways from Sunday and I carry what he taught me close to my heart. All the employees were cheerful and nice. They used to put me in a box and slide me on the chain belt and someone would yell ‘Carry Out’ someone would be outside waiting for me to roll out. Lord I miss my dad, Purity, and Eureka. I wish I knew if anyone is still with us that worked for with my dad.

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