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Updates and upgrades continue. I have recently added or updated the following location lists and the site is starting to develop a geographic range that far exceeds its borders from a few years back:

So what else is happening?

To start, I’ve been going through several years worth of (sadly neglected) photos, getting them tagged and organized so that I can add the best ones to the site via the flickr page. Many of you have sent me amazing pictures over the past few years and with everything that was going on in my life, I was sort of unable to do much with them. That is about to change. I have a huge backlog of images from Terry in Oklahoma City (covering much of the county) and from readers in New York/New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Chicago, among others. I really want to get them under control locally first, but I should be able to start adding them in a ¬†few weeks. I have almost¬†15000 photos to go through.

I also hope to start doing more history narratives and linking to online resources such as digitized library and archival collections, as well as adding some of the text-based material I have collected (or at least the portion of that material that copyright law will permit me to post). Some Safeway employee magazines will be part of that. I’m also tagging and organizing several thousand articles.

The Message Board is getting more active again (and is accepting new registrations again) and you can always get the latest via Twitter. I have also considered doing a Facebook page, but I sort of feel like that ship has sailed now. If there’s interest, though, I will still consider it.



This is just sort of a cool postcard view I found on eBay. The store in question was at Wadsworth and Jewel in Denver, and it’s still standing, although (of course) the one direction that Live Local doesn’t have is the one that matches the view in the postcard.

This sort of looks like it might have started out as a Safeway-Super S supermarket and drug store combo.