You rarely find a former centennial A&P like this with its pole sign largely intact. This store is in the 1200 block of Pittsburgh Street in Cheswick PA. The whole surrounding shopping center is a little odd, as it contains a two-story building that looks like it may have housed a skating rink or a bowling alley upstairs. Underneath is a block of stores, one of which is currently a Goodwill, but feels very Kroger-like inside.

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This lovely storefront served as the A&P branch for my new part-time neighborhood, Pittsburgh’s Upper Lawrenceville, from at least 1925-1955. It’s presented here tonight more for symbolic purposes, as a means of announcing that I’ve begun my Pittsburgh research. I’ve compiled a first draft of addresses through 1980, but I’m still entering them into a spreadsheet. I’ve got A&P, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Loblaw’s/Del Farm, Streamline/Thorofare, Butler’s, Ondek’s, and many more.

In fact, it looks like Pittsburgh will prove to be even more interesting than San Francisco was; I’m only done with data entry through 1945, and I already have 935 addresses, as opposed to about 600 for the entire 1928-1999 period in San Francisco.

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated. It will be a while before there’s a proper new section, since I’m still working on updating the rest of the site following the move to WordPress as well. But look for some Pittsburgh photos (including some vintage ones) to start popping up here soon. And if you have anything to contribute, please let me know.