Photo galleries added for Norfolk/Tidewater, Myrtle Beach, and Montréal, and updates to Toronto.


4 Responses to “More new stuff”
  1. Kenneth K. Ladel says:

    Dear Sir:

    I am hoping that you can help me. I am trying to remember a grocery store chain that was located here in Columbia, South Carolina form the late 80’s to the early 90’s. I liked it but for some reason, it did not survive here. I can’t remember if the name started with a “B” or an “M”. I would like to think that it was Bruno’s but I am uncertain.
    Please let me know who I can find out because it is more of a “I want to jog my memory” than anything else. I am now 67 years old and can’t remember things when I want to.
    Thanks for your help and support.



  2. Kat says:

    This site is amazing. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work on such a fascinating subject. Many do not stop to think how something as simple as a market is vital to our very being. A social hub. As much a part of the community as the people who dwell there. Here is to your continued success with the site. Thank you for posting and hosting it. Have a blessed day. PS~Yes, I pinned you to my Grocers+Markets Board 🙂

  3. sal notariano says:

    do you have any info on the defunct chain–Delchamps. it was a small chain based out of Alabama.
    I would appreciate any and all information you could provide. I was a meat mgr. for Delchamps in 1987

  4. I was a shareholder for many years so I know Jitney Nungle bought them out in around 1994/ 95. they paid $17/ share which was a good price considering the problems the comapny had. A&P was also interested but they never made a formal offer. I understand Jitney Jungle has since filed for bankrupcy. If you have any other questions wrtie me and I will try and answer.

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