Still more new location lists for your exploring pleasure:


It’s been several years and I’m in a new house now. The factory is not exactly as I want it, but it’s comfy. I’m still getting rid of things after merging two houses last fall. For the record, the new factory is my old childhood bedroom, repurposed now that it’s my house and I get to sleep in the “good” bedroom.

For those who missed it, the green bean display and other props have now moved to the kitchen:



Several new location lists since the last update:

I’m going to take a little break from the location lists now and try to work on photos for a bit, but there’s more coming. Location lists for San Diego and Denver are next on the list!

(I don’t have a credit on the photo above. Let me know if you do!)



Finally: the new section on Cleveland, including a massive location list and links to other material. I will be expanding this in the future.

(Photo via Cleveland Public Library.)


This one was just an extra cool find. It was quite obviously built as an A&P, probably in the 1940s. You can even make out the labelscar on the parking lot signs if you’re there in person. It’s located on Taylor Boulevard in Louisville, right across from Churchill Downs. From the shape of the sign, I would guess it may have been an A&P at least until they switched to the pill-shaped logo in the 1970s. And what’s really cool is that it’s still a pretty popular spot and it’s still selling groceries with very few modifications in its more recent incarnation as the Pic Pac IGA.

I love finding stores like this.