Columbia Mystery


If it weren’t in Columbia, South Carolina, I’d almost think it had been a Safeway in an earlier life. I have no idea what this used to be, and I’m not even sure it was a supermarket. It’s located on Beltline Boulevard near Devine Street. Ideas?


And while I’m at it, how about this one from Camden, South Carolina. It’s on US 1 just east of downtown. It may have been an independent from day one. Or not. I sure don’t recognize the prototype…

One thought on “Columbia Mystery

  1. Joe Cline

    July 28, 2009 at 2:42pm

    Columbia Mystery: It was a Red & White Food Store; built around 1965… SUpplied by the Thomas & Howard Compnay, Columbia, SC

    Camden Mystery: Origionally a Colonial Store and one of the last units converted to the Big Star name/format in the late 70’s.

    Great job on the site… I have a bunch of things I need to send you. JC

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