One thought on “Upstate New York Road Trip: Albany

  1. Billy

    October 3, 2017 at 9:18am

    For the above pictures:

    The first ones certainly look like a Howard Johnson hotel and restaurant (the now Friendly’s) but I don’t recognize them from the Albany area. Are they from elsewhere (perhaps Delaware)?

    The third was last a Price Chopper (you can see the chopped into coin logo at the top) and before that was a Shoprite, the first time they were in the Albany area in the 1980’s timeframe.

    The Hudson ones I’m not sure – I know Grand Union had a store, but that was over one block (Union St, now medical) – I’m sure A&P was in Hudson once but the only one I remember was out in Greenport on Route 9, which is now Aldi).

    The Ideal Food Basket labeled store was where Price Chopper was in Menands before they moved to the ShopRite location shown above when ShopRite vacated the area. The space next door was a Woolworths – last I was in that area half of it was a Family Dollar but the other had never been touched and you could still (barely) see through the dirty windows the old Woolworth d├ęcor!

    Additionally in that area – the building across from the PC/ShopRite was a Two Guys and the front section was an Albany Public (local chain owned by Weis for a time) and then a Grand Union (who bought the AP stores from Weis).

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