I’m in an updating frame of mind, trying to tie up some loose ends so I can finally start working on the Charlotte section of the site:

On all these sections, I’ve tried a few techniques designed to make updates easier and quicker. I’m adding gallery pages rather than the pop-up windows I’d been doing, which allows me to generate the HTML right from my photo database. We’ll see how it goes…


It doesn’t get much better than this one, does it? It’s from my just completed whirlwind weekend supermarket tour of Bakersfield, finally shooting some of the stores I’d added to my database several months ago. I’ll post the photos later in a ne section which will compete the Central Valley Trilogy, but I figured I’d better hit the town this weekend, since I’ll be leaving the west coast for good in a few months.


As luck would have it, I was also in town for the last weekend of Ralphs in Bakersfield. Save-Mart is taking over two of the three stores, adding yet another chain to the collection of prototypes it has in its collection of stores.


Like I said, there will be more pictures later, but I had to include this ghost of Alpha Beta I spotted on Brundage Lane. Actually, the Rite-Aid is a ghost now too…